My work is at its most basic iteration a search for meaning; of place; of art; of self. But it is also a rumination on whether meaning can exist and how it can be conveyed to a viewer in the form of abstract art.

The work itself is made by finding pattern and rhythm in the world that I inhabit. The paintings begin from finding places and spaces between words and lines in the text of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; they come from the visuals in the background of Star Trek; they come to me as remembrances of soccer jerseys bouncing like molecules on the field of a World Cup tournament. These bits become a visual hook which I translate to my sketchbook or to a paper. These hooks build the basis of paintings and drawings onto which I add color, line, pattern, and material. The colors and patterns come from instinctual spaces in my head; they are worked and worked over on the canvas or paper in layers which are considered, covered, and combined.

The work takes a cue from the Deleuzian becoming. A becoming that attempts to find the true meaning in a word by its interactions with other words; finding “true” meaning in that space in between the two. The interactions between artist and viewer will often take this same form. A new meaning forms between the artist and their influences and the viewer and their experiences. My history as a Latinx immigrant and a familial affinity with science fiction imagery form a painting. This painting interacts with the viewer and their particular dispositions and experiences. True meaning sparks in the space in between the viewer and the painting; between the artist and the work. True meaning is perhaps best found in these spaces outside of and surrounding us.

Or not.