My work stems from finding pattern and rhythm in the world around me. The paintings begin from finding places and spaces between words and lines in the text of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. These spaces/rhythms/patterns serve as the beginning of the paintings onto which I add color, line, and paint. The colors and patterns come from instinctual spaces in my head; they are worked and worked over on the canvas in layers which are considered, covered, and combined. Along with these spaces from the text, there is a combination that emerges from the seminal Latin American text along with my own personal story of being a Venezuelan immigrant raised in rural Ohio that now finds himself raising a family in Appalachian Tennessee. Taking a cue from the Deleuzian becoming I find that there is meaning to be found in these places between the text/my history/art history; my paintings are an attempt to find a new meaning in the spaces between these disparate influences; an attempt to combine text into visual language; an attempt to find a new impetus to make art.